Puppet Voting

My ex-roommate Andy just sent me a New York Times article called Gambling on Voting, which examines how the software that runs slot machines is scrutinized and regulated in comparison to the software that is used for electronic voting (not to mention the inherent conflicts of interest among the key players, and how those are handled).

This also reminded me of a Wired article I read last year called Aussies Do It Right: E-Voting, which examines the Australian decision to base their electronic voting software on open source code, to insure maximum security and accountability.

Considering that electronic voting will soon be the primary method for deciding who takes the reins of the country, the fact that our current system is as flawed as it is, and the the war monger who's currently in power already bought one election, this all makes me very, very frustrated. It seems that the Powers That Be in this country are intentionally setting our system up so that it can be influenced from behind the scenes. Thus negating the legitimacy of the entire bloody republic (for which we used to stand).

This does not make me happy.

Why I miss TV

Yes, 95% of television programming is pure crap. But that other 5% is just brilliant! One of the shows I really miss is the Daily Show, with Jon Stewart. If you're not familiar with the show, this commencement speech that he recently gave to the 2004 graduating class of his alma mater will give you a decent taste:

(See the link below)

The other thing I miss about TV is that I usually just recorded everything I wanted to watch, and then had a bunch of people over one night a week to watch the good stuff. I really loved having my friends over on a regular basis, so we could be social while getting our TV fix. But most of those people are in SF or Berkeley these days, and not likely to drive all the way down to Campbell for TV night.

So what do you think, south bay folks? Are you up for helping me revive an old tradition? I'm a bit out of the look as to what's worth watching these days. But I have (or will soon be replacing) a bunch of great stuff on DVD and VHS that we could start in on, if nothing else (Babylon 5, My So Called Life, Dead Like Me, Robotech, Coupling, Clone High, etc). Or we could even do movies if here's nothing worthy on TV anymore. It's really more about the company than what you're watching.

Who's in?

Jon Stewart's 1984 Commencement Address to William & Mary Graduates