Get a First Life

Get a First LifeBy now, most of you have at least heard of Second Life, the trendy new virtual-reality world that has its own economy and even its own Reuters bureau. Now I'm not much of a VR guy, so I've never logged on, and my interest in Second Life is limited to seeing how the economy aspect of it evolves. But I found this pretty damned funny.

There is now a Get A First Life parody site, complete with merchandising. It reminds me of the "they expelled me for my theory of actual reality" line from Rent.

Update: The fact that this parody site exists is amusing. But the fact that Dresden Labs, the creators of Second Life, sent the parody site the opposite of a Cease & Desist letter is frikkin' awesome! It takes some serious class to not only publicly acknowledge the fair use of parody, but also take one step further and grant them a proactive limited license for using the modified logo on their merchandise. Kudos!