Cutting into the heart of a cutaway illustration

Tonight, I was hoping to finish this stupid treatise on all of my pe-employment opinions on eBay's business model. And after working on it for the past three hours, I'm almost done. Just two or three more paragraphs and a bunch of proofing and it'll be ready for prime time. But I seriously need to get to sleep, so I'll have to finish it later.

In the meantime, here's something incredibly cool that I happened to run across. Maybe it's just the former aspiring architect in me, but I've always been fascinated with cutaway illustrations. Not only because they look cool, but because I marvel at how they can get that much detail assembled in scale and presented in a manner that makes sense to the non-technical viewer.

So you can imagine how cool I think this Demonstration For Cutaway Technical Illustrations is. Between the detailed info on the process that goes into building one of these illustrations and the super-detailed-zoom, this stupid site had me grinning from ear to ear. Can someone remind me again why I abandoned architecture as a career goal? Oh, right. I had yet to get my hands on AutoCAD and I sat right next to the ammonia machine for three years straight. That's enough to turn someone off of a really cool career track pretty quickly...