Lego TARDIS Instructions
My latest Lego project was to build a Lego TARDIS. Like you do.

I started by scouring YouTube for instructional videos from people who had already built their own. Rifraf's design was my starting point. I loved the way he did the walls, but the top was a bit bulkier and the base less symetric than I preferred. So I melded it with a roof design from another video (which I can't find anymore) and tweaked it so that it would work with a solid core, to keep the wall pieces more stable and well aligned.

Of course, ordering parts from BrickLink can be expensive for small logs (mainly due to international shipping from multiple suppliers), so there are significant economies to scale from building more than one at a time. So I built a whole fleet of TARDISs, giving some away as gifts and making the rest available as kits for those who want to build their own, without having to go through the parts-sourcing hassle.

Build Your Own Lego TARDIS
If you'd like to build your own Lego TARDIS (or assemble one you got from me), I have put the Lego TARDIS instructions on Flickr. If you don't want to scour BrickLink for all the parts, you can buy the kit on eBay.

Ok, I’ll join the fold

Napster was great! It let us stick it to the man by making all music free. Screw the studios, screw the musicians, man, music belongs to the people!

And how awesome are BitTorrent and P2P? Forget about having to save up money for that new CD, DVD or anything else. Now it's freely available to everyone, even before it's officially released. Democracy of digital media, man. To hell with the days of people making a living producing media. Power to the people!

Didn't you hear? It's talk like a pirate day.

Dr Horrible Release Plan

Joss has posted information on the release plans for Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. For those of you who don't have time to read the full post:

  • 15 July - Act One will be released on the web

  • 17 July - Act Two will be released on the web

  • 19 July - Act Three will be released on the web

  • 20 July - All three will be removed from the web.

  • Soon after, they will be made available for download for a nominal fee (no details yet).

  • Somewhat after that, it will be released on DVD with "the finest and bravest extras in all the land." Details will be shared at ComicCon, but no word on whether or not the DVDs will be ready by then.

For those of you in the Napster/YouTube crowd, I'm curious to hear what your thoughts are on this.

  • Will you honor the content owner's wishes and download the legally purchasable copy after the 20th?

  • Or will you instead go to the illegally copied versions that will no doubt be available on YouTube, etc?

  • Does it make a difference to you that this is a self-financed project rather than a studio project? Would your answer be different if episodes of Dollhouse were released in the same manner?

Update: In his follow-up post, Joss points out that there will indeed be a soundtrack, t-shirts and other schwag.

Felicia Day’s “The Guild” is made of awesome

If you play Warcraft, you need to watch this. If you mock those who play Warcraft, you need to watch this. If you know anyone who plays Warcraft or mocks those who do, they need to watch this.

Episode 1: Wake Up Call

Not only is this hilarious, it's a great testament to what you can do with a video camera and a very low budget. This baby is higher quality humor than most of the mainstream sitcom fare, and hits its target market square in the jaw.

PS: For those of you asking "Who's Felicia Day?" she played one of the potential slayers in season seven of Buffy. But she's better known locally as "that gorgeous redhead from the Mutant Enemy strike."

Princess Bride: 20th Anniversary Edition

Scott just pointed out that there's going to be a new Princess Bride: 20th Anniversary Edition DVD coming out in November, just in time for Shopping Day. No, it doesn't have two different covers. That's the same cover, cleverly designed to make "princess bride" read the same backward and forward. And the artwork is gorgeous!

Even if it didn't have any additional special features, I'd still buy it just for that cover. Art is worth spending on, right? But it does have a few new features (nothing earth shaking, but interesting enough). And it's only $14. So that's pretty much a no-brainer. Now I just need to decide who to pass my Dread Pirate edition on to.

Princess Bride - 20th Anniversary Edition

Amazon won’t let me buy Firefly

I haven't bought a copy of Firefly from Amazon in over a year, although I've bought about 40 copies total from Amazon since its release (24 of which were for the 2005 ComicCon fan table).

Now I want to buy a new copy, since I got rid of all my loaner copies in the recent DVD blowout. And Amazon has it on sale for $19.99, so I thought it'd be simple to just add it to my Heros: Season 1 purchase. Wrong.

Apparently, there's a limit to the number of copies you can buy of Firefly through Amazon. And since I haven't bought a copy since March 2006, it's looks like it's a lifetime limit. It lets you add it to your cart, but when you go through the checkout process it gives you an error message and bumps your quantity down to zero.

Am I the only one this is happening to?

Amazon limits Firefly sales

I guess I'm off to Target to buy a copy there.


StardustStardust isn't just an amazing movie. It's this generation's Princess Bride.

True love, sword fights, chases, steampunk-ish flying pirates, witches, magic, kidnapped princesses, unlikely heroes, humor, excitement, and a delightful quest. This movie has it all, and if the kind of movie you're going to watch over and over again on DVD.

I've been hearing good things about the book by Neil Gaiman for quite some time, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. And I'd heard tons of great reviews, including from people who loved the book, so I was expecting a great movie. But Stardust still managed to blow away my expectations. I loved it!

Noble Collection or our friends at QMX had damned well be paying attention to this one. There are so many props from this movie that I'd love to be able to buy.

Adam’s Early Birthday Present

[I'll post a full report on ComicCon (which was awesome) later. But I wanted to get this bit up as soon as possible, for the obvious reasons.]

Adam, Joan and I were on our way to a panel, when we noticed that Adam was no longer with us. We hadn't lost him in the crowd. He was right there, two booths behind us, staring - transfixed - at a painting. I couldn't see the painting from where I was, but I have never seen Adam look at anything (besides Karla and the kids) with that much sheer adoration.

Later, Adam was talking about how much he would love to have that painting on his office wall, as inspiration. And how he wished he could actually afford something that expensive. So I suggested that instead of Adam waiting until he could save up $500 for the thing, we should just get 20 people to pitch in $25 each to get it for him as an early Birthday/Hanukkah present. Half a dozen people who were there with us at the moment said they'd be more than happy to pitch in, and I figured it would be easy to scrounge up the remainder, so I bought the painting and it is now hanging on Adam's wall.

Of course, now it's time to do what would normally have happened first. If you'd like to join us in getting this gorgeous painting for Adam for his early birthday present, send me your $25 (or however much you can comfortably afford) through PayPal, and we'll get a nice card for him later with everyone's signature on it.

After everything Adam has done for our fandom, it's the least we can do.

Serenity Travel Posters

Continuing in the vein of my incredibly creative friends, check this out. After getting noticed for all the amazing artwork he's done for the fan community and various browncoat charity fundraisers, Adam has been tapped to do some licensed work for QMX.

His first piece is a set of gorgeous Serenity Travel Posters, which will be available before their official release date exclusively at the browncoat table at ComicCon, for $35/set (tax included). This is a set of 5 17x22″ prints, on 100lb satin-finish paper, highlighting a few places in the 'verse you might like to visit.

Here's a review from one of Adam's biggest fans:

"Wow. Those are extremely cool.
Masterfully designed."

- Joss Whedon

If any of you who are not going to be at ComicCon would like me to pick you up a set, email me off-list and we'll arrange the PayPal details.

Update: Things From Another World now has the corrected "Lundinium" version available for pre-order.

Harry Potter Theme Park – Coming 2009

Harry Potter theme parkYes kids, they're building a Harry Potter theme park. It's going to be a $265 million park in Florida, attached to the Universal Studios park. From what little has been made available so far, it sounds like an awesome idea! Check out the artist renditions posted on MuggleNet:

The only lame thing about this whole thing (other than Florida's weather being not quite right for Scotland) is the name. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a mouthful. Nowhere near as catchy as its mousy counterpart.

Anyway, be sure to check out the official site for more details and to sign up for their mailing list.

The good folks at Lego have outdone themselves.

Lego Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series (10179)I was impressed a few years ago, when they came out with the three foot long Star Destroyer that was - at the time - the biggest Lego set ever created, weighing in at 3104 pieces. But once I bought and assembled it, I was a little disappointed at how flimsily constructed it was. I eventually sold it and replaced it with the smaller smaller Star Destroyer that is much more sturdy.

Later, they raised the bar again with the two foot diameter Death Star set, which took over the title of biggest Lego set ever, at 3447 pieces. The Death Star was only slightly more stable than the big Star Destroyer, but it was just so damned impressive on the shelf that no one noticed. I have this at my desk at work, and man is it a conversation starter.

Well, now they've done it again. And this time, they're doing it in style. The new Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon is nearly three feet long, built to the scale of the Lego minifigs, and weighs in at a hefty 5195 pieces! Yes, it's has an equally impressive $500 price tag, but that's the same price point as the QMX Serenity model is going to be, and this is the Millennium Fucking Falcon, and it's made of Legos! It is also made of awesome.

This goes above the QMX model on my fanboy wish list, although still slightly below the custom-made Serenity Lego model that I desperately wish they would mass produce.

Fuck this shit, I’m going home.

Ray's Broken ChairI have to have these two documents merged together, proof-read, and send off to the developers by Sunday afternoon, so I'm pulling an all-nighter to get it all done without having to cancel my weekend plans. At 1:30am, I'm tired, starving, grumpy, and oh so close to finishing. I lean back in my chair to relax for a second... and the whole fucking back of the chair breaks off!!

Fuck that noise. I'll finish this tomorrow. I'm going home.

[To truly appreciate this post, you need to picture the look on my face when I leaned back, heard a big SNAP, and just kept going.]

I had to kill him. Fry’s told me to.

I'm having the worst time trying to buy a physical copy of Homesite 5.5. There are no copies listed on eBay, so it redirects me to what it thinks is the next best logical category: real estate listings. Adobe's site only sells it as a download, and that's for the same $99 a physical copy should be. Amazon tries to sell me a $435 copy of Dreamweaver 8 instead. But by far the funniest result was from Fry's. Apparently their AI has been watching too much Addams Family.

Did you mean homicide?

That’s like… 720 toes!

Toe SocksI'll admit it. I like toe socks. I bought my first pair a few years ago just because I thought they were funny, but then fell in love with them for the comfiness factor. Plus, having fabric between your toes is great for avoiding athletes foot, so that's another reason to love the toe socks.

Unfortunately, they're rarely sold mainstream, and when they are it's usually just the wacky-colored ones in the women's department. And the ones they sell on are a little pricey at $10-14/pair. But I needs me some new socks, so off I went to buy a few pair.

Then it occurred to me to check eBay first. Buried among the hundreds of obnoxiously colored novelty toe socks, I found one guy who's selling simple, solid-color men's toe socks. In bulk. For the price of three pairs at, you can get 12 pairs from this guy. For just $15 more you can get 36 pairs. Or for a total of $64 after shipping (the equivalent of six pairs at the normal price) you get 72 frikkin' pairs of toe socks!!

Now, I certainly don't need 72 pairs of toe socks. 12 would be more than enough for now. But how can I turn down a bargain like that? I mean, it's less than 9 cents a toe for crying out loud!

What the hell am I going to do with all these extra toe socks?