Looking for my next big career move

I'm ready to find the next big step in my career. Somewhere out there is a company with complex, user-centric problems they desperately need someone to fix, and I'm that guy. Now I just need the help of my friends and colleagues in introducing me to my new coworkers. Let the matchmaking begin!

What do I do?

  • I'm a product manager. Different companies use different titles for this, but I'm the guy who works with the business unit, customer support, development, design, etc, and defines a plan on how to meet whatever business objective we're shooting for.

  • I have also done a fair share of project management (coordinating with developers, designers, etc, to execute on a plan that has already been defined), community management, tech writing, and web development. While I'd prefer not to go back to doing any of these full time, I'm more than happy to find a product management position that lets me dabble in these a bit as part of the job.

  • You can find more background info on my LinkedIn profile.

What am I looking for?

  • I am at my best when I'm working on consumer-facing products. Business-to-business would be my next choice, with enterprise coming in lower on the list. I love knowing that what I'm building will be used by millions of people and make their every day lives better, in some way. Give me something I can believe in, and I'll work my ass off for it without ever feeling winded.

  • As a student of economics, I believe that incentives have a more direct correlation to behavior than good intentions. I'm not interested in any environment where the product and the business model don't share the same incentives. Give me a company that makes their money providing something useful to the world and I'll be a happy camper.

  • I have worked for startups, giant corporations, and agencies. I'm open to anything from a small to large company or agency, as long as it has a healthy work-life balance and treats employees like an asset to invest in rather than as a resource to burn through.

  • I live in Fremont, and would like to keep my commute down to about 45 minutes. East Bay would be ideal. Somewhere between San Jose and Mountain View would be great. I'd be willing to commute to the city, if it's a great company and close to BART.

Any help you guys can lend in helping me figure out where my next I want to spend my next decade would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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