The moment between seasons

It's a strange feeling, being aware of your place in your own story. Your life, played out like a TV series, chapters broken into seasons, one feeding into the next. And the moment of anticipation between the seasons...

Last season was an interesting one. Google, eBay, Solace, loss, maddening growing pains, and that wonderful True Love bit right before the big layoff / family drama finale. Brilliant!

And here I am in the moment between seasons. Rewatching old episodes to squeeze the maximum possible meaning from what has come before. Projecting forward to see what it will mean for the next season. Paying attention to the little hints and teasers, pointing to the exciting things to come. So many new adventures. So much drama - of a very different kind.

It feels like the season premiere is coming fast. I just hope I can get all the set pieces in place in time. It's going to be one hell of a ride!

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