Free Agent

I am now officially a free agent again.

No, no, Rae and I didn't break up. The separation was between me and eBay. We still love each other, but eBay is going through a lot of emotional issues and isn't coping very well, so it needs some "me time." :-)

I have two weeks to wrap up all of the projects and hand them off to one of the survivors, then I'll be sitting down to concentrate on updating my resume and kicking the networking into high gear. So if you know anyone who's hiring product managers, community managers or (maybe) front end web developers, let me know.

And don't worry. I saw this coming and am not terribly upset about it. The severance is better than I expected, and I see the free time I'll have as an opportunity to explore some of the ideas that have been on the back burner for far too long.

Exciting times!


  1. I loved the way you posted about what is happening at eBay, that was really funny.

    I met a project manager while at Silicon, Steven Savage. He runs a blog called

    If nothing else, he is a PM and is well connected with the local headhunters. On the plus side, he is a big geek and likes finding fellow geeks better jobs. Maybe he can point you at something?

  2. I am amused that your title actually says Fee Agent, which is almost exactly the opposite of Free Agent.

    Sorry to hear you had to move on, but at least it sounds like it is under fairly reasonable terms. Good luck in your search, and with those back burners (funny how they don’t usually get much attention even when you think you will have the time).

  3. If you want to go, then getting a severance is a great bonus, also you get unemployment, if you want it. I’m happy you get a chance to look at some of the options you have been thinking of.

  4. Yay for a severance package!

    And now the rest of the world must fear the doom as eBay crumbles to dust and prepare for the coming of The Ray to their company. Send me your resume if you like and I’ll see if we have any project manager positions open.

  5. Sorry to hear it – I thought of you when I read the CNET article today. But I know that you weren’t all that happy and, as you said, you saw it coming.

    Hope you land on your feet.

  6. I have the feeling you will find your way to somewhere that will be much better for you in the end. But nonetheless I hope it is as quick and painless a search as possible. Once you have your resume re-buffed, J could pass it along at Tivo if they have any openings up your alley.

  7. I heard about the eBay layoffs yesterday on NPR and I had my fingers crossed for you (to not get hit that is!). Sorry to hear that you were caught up in that but, if the posts above are any indication I second (third..) the notion that you are going to land somewhere cool rather quickly. I I see any possibles I will send them your way. All the best and hope to se you soon!

  8. *hugs* I’m sorry that you will not be able to finish any of your current projects, but I know that you will find something better that will captivate your interests. I’ll keep an eye out for any new positions.

  9. I’m sorry and good luck and wow! There are so many things you’ve talked about wanting to do, it’s exciting to think you may get a chance to try some of them. *hug* But it does still suck a little, not to be the one choosing the time.

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