Introducing My Better Half

Ray & Rae at PolyCon 2008While I did hint at the possibility of not being single for long, it occurs to me that I have not yet made a wide-spread announcement that I am indeed head over heals in love.

I met Rae (also known as stride) at BayCon last month. Cindy introduced her to me along with Darne, Chris, Jen, Snoopy and that whole awesome gang. I instantly knew I was going to keep the whole lot of them, but I particularly had a crush on Rae. And that was before I saw her in the Illyria costume. Yowza!

Of course, since this is me we're talking about, she wasn't single. Big surprise, right? But lucky for me, she was in the process of breaking it off, and that process got accelerated when drama hit the fan the following weekend at Valhalla. And after a few weeks of drama, long soul-searching conversations, mad flirting and far more patience and self-control than I thought possible, here we are.

I can't wait for you all to meet her. She's amazing. She's one the sweetest, most kind-hearted people I've ever met, she's geeky as hell (she does graphic design and web development for IGN/GameSpy, cosplays, and is an RPG & video gamer), she works faire, she knows how to handle a sword, she's just as much of a cuddle slut as I am, she's wicked smart, pleasantly amused by sarcasm, and just all around made of awesome. Oh yeah, and did I mention she's smoking hot? There are soooo many guys pissed off at me right now for "cutting in line." Lucky me! :-)

It's weird. We've only known one another for a little over a month, but it feels like we've known one another for years. I always say the one thing I'm looking for more than anything else is resonance. And I think this could very well be it.

And if not, we'll have one hell of a breakup party in November!
(After which her sister will slice me open and feed me to the fishes.) :-)


    • You’d be proud of her (and Snoopy). They were giving away a $200 Dark Garden gift certificate at the Serenity charity screening. She won the Fruity Oaty Bar lunch box, and Snoopy convinced the guy who won the gift certificate to trade. So she’ll be putting that toward an all-white version of the above corset, as part of the Emma Frost costume she’s putting together for next BayCon.

      And you’ll love the pseudo-corset-pseudo-centauri-jacket thing she wore the next day. Once the PolyCon photos are posted I’ll send you links. (No, not that kind of poly; it’s a gaming con at Cal Poly).

  1. she does graphic design and web development for IGN/GameSpy…

    I like her already (or am green with envy, but that does not preclude me liking her) and she has the good sense to cuddle with you. And can I mention just how sickeningly cute it is that you both have similar sounding names? Yeah… too cute. Sounds like a good match!

    • Yeah, we’ve been getting a lot of rolled eyes for the Rae/Ray thing. We even had one person point out the “Raechel Rae” parallel. Which made us both cringe.

  2. Well you know…if I can’t have her, I had to try to find her someone who I thought would be at least as good. ;P

    Believe me, I’m split between the same toothache and sugar shock that GwenRose is suffering and grinning fits that I managed to make two wonderful people that I adore happy with such a simple thing as an introduction. *bounces*

  3. tee hee! – I was there.

    Glad it was Stride you went after (he was tossed in with 2 women that weekend). She’s just too cool for words, huh?

    So glad you found a bestist friend.

    Which night do you think you’ll do Hell Boy? Mind if K & I join the mob?

    • Looks like Tuesday night at the Great Mall. Time hasn’t been chosen yet. And yes, you’re definitely welcome to come and play!

      I’ll post details on my blog once Rae chooses a time.

  4. I’m positively ecstatic to see Rae so happy, I’ve been worried about her for a few months now. She’s a fabulous woman who deserved far better than she was getting and I am VERY glad that’s been remedied!! Watching you two last weekend was a treat really. Reminds me very much of Ed and I when we first got together 15 years ago. ;) *grins*

    And Darne was right.. you are an incredibly easy person to bond with! =o I’ve met people I liked right away before, but you jumped several levels of comfort factor in the space of only a few days! Are you sure you aren’t some weird-likeme-pheromone-producing-runaway-science-experiment?? *peers queerly at you*

    • 15 years and you’re still that cute together? That’s impressive as hell!!

      My legal team advices me that I can not comment on the allegations of top secret pheromone experimentation. These are not the droids you’re looking for.

  5. So, did you win her over with
    a) that jacket, or
    b)being Mal’s near-identical twin

    I hate you.

    But I’m really happy for you.

    Here’s to hoping the next geek-fan-obsessed anti-hero looks like me this time!

    • c) being a sexy stud with great dance moves.

      Though I think it was probably Ray’s introductory statement that really solidified in my mind that “Oooh, I should pay attention to this guy…”

        • Wait for it………

          And you know, you wouldn’t make a half bad Dr Horrible. Can you act shy? Hmmm. Ok, maybe that one doesn’t work either.

        • (Ray can probably fill in the exact wording better than I.)

          SCENE: Baycon hotel room, two women in the small bathroom fiddling with cosplay bits.

          Rae just finished getting into a Dark Phoenix costume and Darne is fitting a red wig on Rae’s head when a random stranger comes running through the hotel door.

          RANDOM STRANGER: “Why are there no naked bodies here? I am disappointed that there are not more naked bodies…”

          The random stranger rummages for something out of sight near the beds, a few more pieces of dialogue are exchanged, and then runs back out the door.

          (I think all I saw of him were his legs…)

          DARNE: “Oh, by the way, that was Ray…”

          • I totally approve.

            Ray can fill you in about our silly bickering/competition regarding his tailcoat.
            (I have some great ones, but his red&black striped one still takes the cake, damnit.)

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