Farewell to the King’s Head

I'm at a coworker's going away party at the King's Head right now, and I'm just as sad about the state of the King's Head as I am about losing one of our best people.

It's been gutted. All the old-English decorations that lined the walls - the swords, the armor, the caber - has all been removed (and returned to the original owner). they're in the process of turning it into your average industrial night club.

I'm torn. On one hand, I'm sad that such an awesome pub is going away. But the new owners are really nice people, they went out of their way to get the old decorations back to the original owner, and I get it that a night club really would make more business sense than the old King's Head.

It's the end of an era. I still remember coming down here with Will and Tim every week for Irish dancing. Until the hot chick from Austin moved back home and it all fell apart.



  1. Really? Drat, I hadn’t heard that they were changing before now. That’s really sad. I’ve had many a good night there waltzing and reeling to Avalon Rising.

    • How about a new Avalon Rising Venue?

      Bummer about the King’s Head. I hadn’t been there in ages, but I enjoyed the time (although I am with Ammy, the service wasn’t so great.)

      Avalon Rising is playing at the Bistro in Hayward on July 19th. I wonder how that place is for dancing.

      • Re: How about a new Avalon Rising Venue?

        It was the second owner who had the crappy service. The new owners seem really on the ball. They may not have the faire-esque feel we loved, but I’m sure the overall quality of the place will be back to what it was in the old days.

      • Re: How about a new Avalon Rising Venue?

        Ooooooo thanks for the heads-up! Sounds like fun. Plus Avalon Rising may be the only band that enjoys our dancing more than Tempest. Double-plus, they do great waltzes.

  2. Bummer, but it couldn’t really keep being run the way it was. I’d gotten tremendously bad service there pretty regularly, but oh the bands were good! I wonder what the new place will be like.

    • Yeah, the second owner ran the place into the ground in the four years he owned it. Which is why I’m glad to see it under new ownership. It won’t have the same old-English feel anymore, but I have no doubt the service and quality will go back up considerably.

      We’ll have to give them a few months to get the place remodeled and then go in for a test outing.

    • I’m still surprised you didn’t move to Austin to pursue Katrina. She was an Irish dancer and a former soccer player, not to mention an awesome gal. Point blank, your type. :-)

  3. ahhh… another place of my memories that will stay just that. I’m sad to hear about this change, but that is all life offers us. I hadn’t been there in years.

  4. Sam and Barbara (the original owners of the King’s Head) have openned a new Pub in San Jose called Ye Olde Royal Oak address is: 1240 Coleman Ave
    Santa Clara, CA

    Same wonderful food, fun and great service – But then again Sam wouldn’t have it any other way!!

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