I love my roommate

Cindy: walks into my office "Hello, my name is Cindy. My roommate made me addicted to... whatever these things are."

Me: "Pocky!" holds out the rest of the box "Cindy take Pocky!"

Cindy: takes pocky "You suck." walks away, munching pocky


  1. Who in the hell can resist Pocky, I ask you? Only freaks…


    I *am* a freak.

    Does that mean only ‘normal’ people can resist Pocky?


  2. Chuck a Chunk of Chewy Chocolate in thy Cheek and Chew it Cheerfully!

    First I said… “What the HELL is Pocky?!?”

    Then I viewed the/a Pocky website and said… “Oooookaaaaaay!” o.0

    Then I clicked a YouTube link and watched 2 Pocky commercials.
    (at least I THINK they were commercials)

    I thought to myself, “Where in the world would I find some in my area?”
    (There is a Pier One in Salem, but it’s a small store and doesn’t carry food items.) Then it occurred to me, there is a new shopping center in a neighboring town that has a World Market. I went there and bought the basic RED box and not the MEN’S chocolates in the Blue box.

    While I was checking out, the cashier commented that they have never tried it, so I gave them the first one out of the box. (One STICK, not one package). I must say, the chocolate is very good and I am very snooty about my chocolate.

    So why oh why is it that the U.S. thinks [glaring at Hershey’s, et al] that in order for chocolate to be good, it has to be strong, over-sweetened, and hard and waxy? Europe has mastered chocolates in flavor, texture, bitterness, and meltability. Asia also has very tasty chocolate, and yet the U.$. is profiting from crappy confections?

    (Okay, Okay… Methinks I protest too much!) I just love good chocolate. Thank you for pointing me towards a new FIX.

    P.S. Ray… You Suck! (j/k) Thanks! (…I think.)

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