Love is in the air…

Two wedding announcements in one week.

Wedding #1 - The other day, my roommates let me know that they're going to be getting married next January. In Vegas. Cindy & Jason are my Lily & Marshall (for you How I Met Your Mother fans), so their getting married is no surprise. In fact, they pretty much act married already. But it'll be nice to see it made official.

Wedding #2 - Tonight, Fred & Malaya took me out to dinner. They got me a gift while they were in Athens, so we've been trying to schedule this dinner for a while now. But it turns out they had other motivation as well. They let me know that they've finally set a date, and will be getting married in September. And, since I'm the one who set them up... they asked me to marry them! Of course I said yes! I'm incredibly honored.

But, the real fun came later, when I called my mom. "You remember Malaya, that school teacher I dated that you really liked? Well, I'm marrying her. Yes, really. In September. No, I'm not lying. I'm marrying her to the guy I set her up with." Getting my mom's hopes up just to crash them back down is really much more fun than it should be. :-)
And any time you can get your own mother to call you a son of a bitch, that's just a bonus.

Of course, this means I need to find a date for the weddings. Preferably one who doesn't mind the idea of being the priest's date. :)

Now I need to figure out when Father's Day is, so I can go shopping for a new suit.


    • Huh. I didn’t even know you knew Fred & Malaya. Although considering the Dickens connection, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I really do need to make it out there more often!

      And trust me, if I’m still single come September, you’ll definitely get a call. ;)

  1. Wow, I certainly can’t do anything better than the date offer above…

    Love in the air – no kidding! I got two wedding invitations from ANOTHER two mutual-friend couples my last weekend of Dickens!
    Lets face it Ray – we’re gettin old – all our friends are getting married. Damn them.

    Your mother conv. is priceless!

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