Amazon won’t let me buy Firefly

I haven't bought a copy of Firefly from Amazon in over a year, although I've bought about 40 copies total from Amazon since its release (24 of which were for the 2005 ComicCon fan table).

Now I want to buy a new copy, since I got rid of all my loaner copies in the recent DVD blowout. And Amazon has it on sale for $19.99, so I thought it'd be simple to just add it to my Heros: Season 1 purchase. Wrong.

Apparently, there's a limit to the number of copies you can buy of Firefly through Amazon. And since I haven't bought a copy since March 2006, it's looks like it's a lifetime limit. It lets you add it to your cart, but when you go through the checkout process it gives you an error message and bumps your quantity down to zero.

Am I the only one this is happening to?

Amazon limits Firefly sales

I guess I'm off to Target to buy a copy there.


  1. you know, i was to tempted to buy it at amazon but didn’t try (so can’t help you with the limited qty thing).

    it has been on sale for $20 at target quite often. i hope it goes on sale again soon!

  2. Would you like someone to help you buy it? I don’t think I bought it from Amazon- or if I did it was just one copy.

    Are there limited numbers of them out there. I’m thinking I should buy another one now just to be safe- we keep loaning ours out.

    • Nah. Target usually has it for $18. I just figured ordering from Amazon would have been simpler since I was already placing an order for Heroes. But thanks anyhow.

      Also, if you want a loaner copy or two of Serenity, let me know. I have a few extras of the normal edition.

  3. Tower Records online used to have something in place that would check for large quantities purchased of the same item by one user. I don’t remember if/what timing they had in place. It was mostly to prevent someone from buying large quantities of sale merchandise for resale.

    It was still possible for someone to have several identities/emails. I’m not sure if the check looked for same credit card #.

    • A few weeks ago, there were news stories about certain outlet stores refusing to sell to people they knew were eBay resellers. But in that case, there were signs posted all over the stores stating that resellers were not allowed to shop there.

      But in Amazon or Tower’s case, there is no such disclosure, so I find this phantom limit pretty sketchy. They don’t even give any info on what the limit is, or why there is a limit, in their error message.

      If they want to impose a per-person or lifetime limit, that’s one thing. But to do it without disclosure, that’s just weird.

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