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  1. I read that and had the feeling that is awfully sad and hypocritical of people. How many people who go to Burning Man are quite well off. They get a week off of work, can afford tickets AND a week’s worth of supplies. But when a main organizer wants to get some compensation for the time he has put in, then it’s all “Oh Burning Man isn’t about money” screw that, I work for a non profit(and and helping with a budding dance event), and everyone’s got bills to pay. To have some one who left come out of the woodwork and say “oh you need to split it with me…”.

    Profit doesn’t mean you magically can start tossing money around.

    If you want something to last, you can’t run “paycheck to paycheck” forever, you need to have a surplus to start out, because there’s going to be stuff, you don’t expect.

    Having ranted that, I’m happy they are excluding corporate sponsorships, but people have to realize that the price for not having Jack Daniels presents Burning Man is that people have to cover the costs a different way.

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