Adam’s Early Birthday Present

[I'll post a full report on ComicCon (which was awesome) later. But I wanted to get this bit up as soon as possible, for the obvious reasons.]

Adam, Joan and I were on our way to a panel, when we noticed that Adam was no longer with us. We hadn't lost him in the crowd. He was right there, two booths behind us, staring - transfixed - at a painting. I couldn't see the painting from where I was, but I have never seen Adam look at anything (besides Karla and the kids) with that much sheer adoration.

Later, Adam was talking about how much he would love to have that painting on his office wall, as inspiration. And how he wished he could actually afford something that expensive. So I suggested that instead of Adam waiting until he could save up $500 for the thing, we should just get 20 people to pitch in $25 each to get it for him as an early Birthday/Hanukkah present. Half a dozen people who were there with us at the moment said they'd be more than happy to pitch in, and I figured it would be easy to scrounge up the remainder, so I bought the painting and it is now hanging on Adam's wall.

Of course, now it's time to do what would normally have happened first. If you'd like to join us in getting this gorgeous painting for Adam for his early birthday present, send me your $25 (or however much you can comfortably afford) through PayPal, and we'll get a nice card for him later with everyone's signature on it.

After everything Adam has done for our fandom, it's the least we can do.


  1. I don’t know Adam, but that is a super-pretty painting, and no fan should suffer the lack of something so pretty. So I will happily contribute $25 for the cause.

  2. This doesn’t really have to do with anything relevant, but FYI, that poster is a total rip-off of the work of Art Nouveau artist Alphose Mucha. I mean, it’s still pretty, but if you like that, Mucha’s work is exactly like it. Only without the Star Wars characters.

    • I don’t know. I did an image search for Mucha. And while his style is similar, I don’t think I’d say it’s “exactly like it” or that it’s a “total rip-off”. At most, I’d say possibly “inspired by.” Although it probably gets more inspiration from the concert posters of the 60s than from Mucha.

      But for me, the cool thing about this painting IS that it’s of a Star Wars character. Or, rather, that it represents the day-to-day world in which this fictional character would have lived. I could very easily see this poster being on the wall in the Mos Eisley cantina, and it’s that peek into a different view of a familiar story that’s fascinating.

      • Okay, maybe not “exactly”, and “rip off” sounds a lot more hostile than I intended. But it is definitely derivative of Mucha’s style. I am thinking of his Moet&Chandon labels like this one:

        The Leia painting is less ornate, and has less fine detail, and in that way it is like a 60’s concert poster… but a lot of those were inspired by Art Nouveau artists like Mucha.
        I suppose what makes it a neat painting is that you can like it because of it’s Star Wars reference, and I can like it because of it’s reference to Art Nouveau, which is one of my favorite periods of Art.

  3. That is a BEAUTIFUL picture. Alas, I can’t contribute right now… for how long will you be passing the hat? Maybe after Alex’s disability check comes in…

    (ps, welcome back. I hope the con was somewhat rejuvenating!)

  4. Count me in. Adam designed a great logo for my school’s gay straight alliance (I’m a US History teacher in Cupertino) out of the goodness of his heart. This is the least that I can do! And damn, that is the most gorgeous poster I’ve ever seen. We all know that Adam has great taste! Thanks for organizing such a great thing!

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