My Birthday

I'd like to thank everyone who came out to help me celebrate my 33rd bday. The Friday night outing to see Grindhouse was insane amounts of fun, as was the drunken afterparty (Matt & Marina, I've seen the incriminating video - it's adorable!). The BBQ on Sunday was a smashing success. Everyone fell in love with Cindy & Jason, due to their wicked food skills (aren't they the best roommates ever?). A bunch of friends from different social groups all got to intermingle with one another. And we even has a surprise appearance by my mom and Dale, who spent the bulk of their time on the back patio telling embarrassing stories from my childhood (you see why they weren't invited?). It was awesome!

The gifts were pretty damn cool, too! I'm still a little in shock that Gabe got me a frikkin' Apple TV. After all that joking, I never really thought anyone would take me seriously. Fred gets groups gifts, not me, and this one wasn't even a group gift. I'm flabergasted! Plus, there were books and DVDs and nicknacks and all sorts of other wrapped goodies. They love me, they really really love me! :)

But my favorite birthday gifts this year have to be the two that I am buying for myself. I don't want to jinx anything, so I'll tell you about them as soon as they're official. One should be within the next week or two, the other within the next month. But man, are they cool!!


  1. Yay for self bought birthday presents. I’ve always been a fan. I’m sorry we couldn’t make the BBQ shin-dig, my mother and little sister were in town from Sebastopol so I took them to Monterey to see the otters. You’re cute, but my little sister and the otters are cuter. *winks* See you at Baycon?

    • I long ago gave up competing with either otters or little sisters. Not only are they just too damned cute, they also fight dirty. It never ends well.

      And yes, of course you’ll see me at BayCon!

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