The good folks at Lego have outdone themselves.

Lego Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series (10179)I was impressed a few years ago, when they came out with the three foot long Star Destroyer that was - at the time - the biggest Lego set ever created, weighing in at 3104 pieces. But once I bought and assembled it, I was a little disappointed at how flimsily constructed it was. I eventually sold it and replaced it with the smaller smaller Star Destroyer that is much more sturdy.

Later, they raised the bar again with the two foot diameter Death Star set, which took over the title of biggest Lego set ever, at 3447 pieces. The Death Star was only slightly more stable than the big Star Destroyer, but it was just so damned impressive on the shelf that no one noticed. I have this at my desk at work, and man is it a conversation starter.

Well, now they've done it again. And this time, they're doing it in style. The new Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon is nearly three feet long, built to the scale of the Lego minifigs, and weighs in at a hefty 5195 pieces! Yes, it's has an equally impressive $500 price tag, but that's the same price point as the QMX Serenity model is going to be, and this is the Millennium Fucking Falcon, and it's made of Legos! It is also made of awesome.

This goes above the QMX model on my fanboy wish list, although still slightly below the custom-made Serenity Lego model that I desperately wish they would mass produce.


  1. First of all, you are so cute.

    Second, Legos are awesome.

    I would have to favor, though, the Slave One for coolest Lego toy. Yes, it’s the Millenium FUCKING Falcon and is cool, too.

    The Serenity ship though… yeah, top of the list by far for me. :D

  2. “I have this at my desk at work, and man is it a conversation starter.”
    This, in a nutshell, is why we love Ray.

    I’m sorry, I love Firefly, but that is quite possibly the ugliest lego ship I have ever seen. Serenity was not meant to be beautiful.

    Cudos to the obsessive guy (more obsessive than Ray? is such a thing possible?) who put it together, but I think Lego would at least make it look nicer.

    “Ultimate Collector Series” – really, why stop there? Why not add in a bit of “New! Largest! haxor!1!!11ONE!!1 Greatest! Definitive!” Lego is really going the way of DVDs with this one.

    Ray – how is it possible that you don’t have a lego casemod? Tell me you’ve made one in the past..

    “It is also made of awesome.”
    I seriously cannot wait until this becomes an actual tagline on actual products. Cause it should be. And yes, it should start with this.*

    *although historically speaking, there has only been one thing made of Awesome, and that is Me.

    • I did start to build a lego case mod once, while I was unemployed. But then I got a job and put my time back into something more productive. Besides, not being the artistic type, I’d never be able to make anything as cool as the case mod some dude made out of his old 1977 Millennium Falcon toy.

  3. Oooohhh… I want one! Rather a lot. You see I wanted to grow up and steal the Falcon from Han in a wicked game of cards.

    For years I drove a crappy 1975 Mercury Comet, it looked like crap, but I could put two people in my trunk and it did 90 with out even pushing the V6 under the hood. My friends got me a little Millennium Falcon to hang under my rear view mirror because I clearly drove the fastest hunk of junk on the freeway.

    But I really have to admit, I have no idea where I’d put one once I got it all put together. Price tag not withstanding; I’m awfully tempted.

      • I find it rather amusing that you didn’t bat an eye over my comment about being able to put two people in the trunk of my old car and instead offer me somewhere to put the coolest LEGO set on the planet if I buy and build it.

        *grin* Darlin’ if I’m spending $500 on a LEGO set I’m going to MAKE the space so I have somewhere to keep it. ;-)

  4. Ray, do you know about BAYLUG?? check baylug .org THere’s actually a meeting tomorrow from 10 – 4 in Palo Alto (4/15) – Wanna swing by?

    The Larger Star Destroyer has a nickname: Gray Parts Pack #1.

    I’m Reginald Foghorn at DF, you actually captured me in a few of your pictures of Mad Sal’s in 2000. Sam can also vouch for me (is that a good thing?) :-)

    My favorite Lego model is probably the old 5580 Highway Rig. From Star Wars, I like the Sandcrawler a lot. Have you seen the Mos Eisley panorama (gallery #66197 on Brickshelf)

    Best Regards,

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