eBay Giving Works Welcomes Its 10,000th Nonprofit

eBay Giving WorksToday, eBay Giving Works, the eBay program that lets you post auctions where a percentage of the winning bid is automatically donated to participating charities, announced that they have 10,000th Non-Profit Group in the program.

Since it was my Serenity screening ticket auctions that got Equality Now to sign up for the program last year, I'd like to think I made a small contribution to helping this along. (In this case, "small" is defined as 1/10,000th, I suppose.)

So here's to all 10,000 charities that signed up, the guesstimated tens of thousands of sellers who have taken part in the program, the additional tens of thousands who bid on all those auctions, and the likely millions of people who have benefited from the money raised, in one form or another. With double cheers going to the probably dozens of eBay and Mission Fish folks who made it all possible. Good works, indeed.

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