I had to kill him. Fry’s told me to.

I'm having the worst time trying to buy a physical copy of Homesite 5.5. There are no copies listed on eBay, so it redirects me to what it thinks is the next best logical category: real estate listings. Adobe's site only sells it as a download, and that's for the same $99 a physical copy should be. Amazon tries to sell me a $435 copy of Dreamweaver 8 instead. But by far the funniest result was from Fry's. Apparently their AI has been watching too much Addams Family.

Did you mean homicide?


    • No. If I’m going to shell out more than a few dollars for a piece of software, I want to be able to resell it if I decide I don’t like it or no longer need it. With a physical copy, you just need to throw it up on eBay and you’re good to go. With a downloaded copy, all you can sell is a burnt backup copy and the license key, at which point there is almost no way to tell if it is a legit download resale or a pirated copy, so the resale value plummets.

  1. Dude, download the latest version from download.com. I have a crack I can send ya. ;) There ARE no physical copies anymore as far as I know, which is a shame because IMO it’s still the best HTML editor ever made. I still use it here at work every day and at home as well.

    • I’m not interested in a pirated version. I actually own one legal copy already, I’m just looking for a second copy for a different use.

      They don’t make physical copies of it anymore, since it’s been replaced by Dreamweaver, but there have to be plenty of them out there in the used market somewhere. If they would add the custom auto-completes to Dreamweaver, I’d switch, since that’s the best feature of Homesite in my opinion. But no dice so far.

      Also, I didn’t realize you did any HTML work. What do you do for a living?

      • I work in Search Engine Optimization, so I tweak websites so they show up higher in search engine results pages (SERP’s, as we call them). I have a feeling you’ll have a hard time finding a physical copy of Homesite 5.5, since from what I’ve heard owners are reluctant to part with them. ;)

        Also, DW doesn’t have a lot of the features that HS does. The “select full tag” option saves my life all the time. :)

        • Ah, but is it a good SEO or an evil SEO? There are a great many things one can do to improve “natural search” (as opposed to paid search) on their site. But most of the third-party SEOs I’ve come across have been on the less reputable kind, who stuff hidden keywords in every nook, and spam the crap out of the search results pages. Granted, I only worked for Google for a few weeks, but damn do people get creative when trying to get higher search ratings!

          I don’t think I’ve ever sedn “select full tag.” Maybe I’ll have to poke around a bit tonight and see what it does.

          • Oh dude, “select full tag” kicks ASS. Select the beginning of a table, right click and select that. It’s saved my bacon so many times…

            Anyway, we do purely “white hat” SEO, which means everything is visible and on the up-and-up. No hidden text, no doorway pages, etc. It’s all about visible content, links, good tags, good spiderability, and so on. :)

            • Huh. I’ll have to play with it to see where the benefit comes in. I mean, if you’re already looking at the opening table tag, isn’t the rest of what you would be selecting right there anyhow?

              Good news about the hat color. And don’t underestimate the importance of URL structure. While I would never suggest anyone include a hyphen or underscore in their domain name (those radio ads are just annoying), there’s a world of difference between /comicbooks/ and /comic-books/ when you’re a low-intelligence search bot. :)

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