Too many books to count

ISBN13Or at least to uniquely identify within 10 digits. Yes, folks, the 10-digit ISBN that we've all come to know and love over the years is growing up. Soon it will be replaced with ISBN 13, which will ask to borrow the car keys and probably raid your liquor cabinet when you're away for the weekend.

*sigh* They grow up so fast.

In related news, the 12-digit UPC is also going to 13 digit, although I haven't heard yet whether they will be combining the two or keeping them separate. And how much of a dork does it make me that I'm actually kind of looking forward to reading the ISBN 13 For Dummies PDF this weekend?


    • ISBN 13 has been phased out? What’s it being replaced with? You can’t just tease me like that!

      Also, nice to hear from you. I haven’t heard a peep from your side of the world since you left LJ. What’s the haps?

      • Oops! No, sorry. As of Jan 1st 10 has been replaced. For books published in ’07, but in production during ’06, the 10 digit appears after the 13, so the 10 digit has been replaced, but it’s being phased out completely.

    • From what I’ve read so far, it sounds like barcodes already use a 13-digit format. But either way, the barcode scanner just reads the barcode itself, so you shouldn’t have a problem. Especially since ISBN13 books are already in production and they probably aren’t expecting every mom & pop retailer in the country to suddently buy new POS hardware.

  1. Well, as long as there’s no blood, flood, death or fire, and ISBN 13 knows where the condoms are and how to use them… I will enjoy my weekend in peace. If anybody rips the chandellier out of the ceiling, drives the corvette through the den or pees in the tv, ISBN 13 will have to get several summer jobs and work its striped butt off until it’s ISBN 18, or the debt is cleared, whichever comes first.

    Sheesh! It makes me want to stay home and read.

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