That’s like… 720 toes!

Toe SocksI'll admit it. I like toe socks. I bought my first pair a few years ago just because I thought they were funny, but then fell in love with them for the comfiness factor. Plus, having fabric between your toes is great for avoiding athletes foot, so that's another reason to love the toe socks.

Unfortunately, they're rarely sold mainstream, and when they are it's usually just the wacky-colored ones in the women's department. And the ones they sell on are a little pricey at $10-14/pair. But I needs me some new socks, so off I went to buy a few pair.

Then it occurred to me to check eBay first. Buried among the hundreds of obnoxiously colored novelty toe socks, I found one guy who's selling simple, solid-color men's toe socks. In bulk. For the price of three pairs at, you can get 12 pairs from this guy. For just $15 more you can get 36 pairs. Or for a total of $64 after shipping (the equivalent of six pairs at the normal price) you get 72 frikkin' pairs of toe socks!!

Now, I certainly don't need 72 pairs of toe socks. 12 would be more than enough for now. But how can I turn down a bargain like that? I mean, it's less than 9 cents a toe for crying out loud!

What the hell am I going to do with all these extra toe socks?


  1. What the hell am I going to do with all these extra toe socks?

    Xmas Presents??

    Buy low , sell high, resell them to for half the price they charge

    • Yeah, I thought about passing them out as presents to all my coworkers. But being on a new team now I’m not sure they know me well enough yet to get my sense of humor. hehe

  2. Mate, you’ve got a problem. At some point, and I think this is it, saying “it’s a really good deal” is not sufficient justification to spending too much money on eBay for shit you don’t need. :)

  3. *ROFL* I thought I was the only adult left in the world that loves them! Did you ever see the pics of me walking ‘barefoot’ in my toe socks down Fremont Street in Vegas? *L*

    My only gripe is that the big toe wears through so fast on the top; all my socks are like that, even though the rest of the sock is fine. *sigh*

  4. I have to admit, I have never worn a pair of toe socks.

    *dodges lightning strikes from the heavens or Ray*

    Yes. I actually didn’t buy a pair until recently when I needed gloves for a faery party costume. So I bought a pair at Walgreen’s and snipped the tips of the toes. Let me tell ya, it worked… and they were glittery… AND sometimes I wear them to keep me warm. They’re nice to have on when you’re working on the computer and the office is FREEZING your hands to ice and you still need to type.

    I have been debating on getting a pair just to see what they feel like. As it is, I’m your standard mostly white socks kind of gal. Payday’s coming up… I shall look into buying a pair or so. The ones I bought at Walgreens were like 3/$10 or something like that. I’m a big foot gal… hopefully they’ll fit me right.

    [imagines Ray in toe socks]

    So cute. :D

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