Red-Headed Grandchildren

I sent my mom a copy of Done The Impossible, so she could hear all about the charity fundraiser I worked my ass off on last year, and see some of the friends I made in the process. She loved it! And her first comment (after asking why I didn't get interviewed) was that I should marry Christina Hendricks. You know, my mom's taste in people for me to marry has really improved since college! :-)

She must really like her, too. The last time I told my mom about someone I had a crush on, she said I could only marry her if she'd send my mom flowers like Sarah did. (I still can't believe that was the first time anyone ever sent my mom flowers! She'll never stop loving Sarah for that.) But she says Christina wouldn't even have to do that. Just so long as she provided beautiful red-headed grandchildren. My mother cracks me up!

Then it occurred to me that I got a photo taken with Christina back at Flanvention. So now I'm emailing my mom the below photo so she can dream of beautiful red-headed grandchildren (and leave my brother alone about it for a while - he owes me!).


    • Thanks. But not nearly as cute as she and her boyfriend were being together at Flanvention. It was one of those things you couldn’t watch for long, because it was too cute to deal with.

    • Are you going with us to Flanvention in December? She and most of the crew are going to be there. Maybe that will give you the proper motivation to actually get your sorry ass to a con for a change! It’s just not the same without you.

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