We Didn’t Start the Wiki

While listening to 95.7 Max FM a while back, I was pleasantly surprised to hear We Didn't Start the Fire being played. I hadn't heard the song in ages, but was amused to realize I could still sing along with all the lyrics. My first thought was that kids who heard this song for the first time now would have no idea what half the lyrics refer to. Then I got to thinking... I didn't even understand half the references when I first heard it. At least kids today (did I just use that term?) have the internet to look things up (without having to deal with the Dewey decimal system).

Thus I decided I must give myself a silly geek project: write a blog with the lyrics of the song, and link each phrase to its accompanying Wikipedia listing. Well, I finally sat down to give this a shot today, and was amused to see that there is already an incredibly detailed Wikipedia entry for We Didn't Start the Fire. Not only does it provide links for each of the phrases, it also points out that the phrases are in chronological order, which I think is pretty cool.

And it saves me from doing a hell of a lot of searching and copy/pasting URLs. Which is good and bad, considering that now I have no choice but to do all those household chores that have been piling up all week while I've been sick. Damn you, Wikipedia!!


      • Now you’re just making me dizy.

        DDC is to Google what hieroglyphics are to modern English. Sure, it serves its purpose for its time, but it just isn’t robust enough to adjust for the more complex ideas that evolve over time.

        Also, DDC doesn’t help you one bit when you’re trying to figure out how to activate Goa’uld technology. :)

        • *snort*
          Right…and everything is on the internet.
          As it happens, given that activation diagrams for Goa’uld technology would by definition be highly technical, you would be more likely to find them in a University library. So, that would be LC instead. Dewey is best used with smaller collections. And anyway…791.45 is TV related items.

          • Right…and everything is on the internet.

            It will be before long. Google doesn’t seem to have any intention of letting that whole “copyright” thing stand in their way. And they have the legal budget to back them up. Clearly, I’m not saying this is a good thing, but…

            Also, what are the odds that jewelry makers would create pendants with DDC classifications on them? I really don’t think they would sell as well as the hieroglyph necklaces. Then again, if they marketed them on ThinkGeek, I could be wrong.

  1. The song was very much like “End of the World as we know it”,

    Also this was amusing

    Billboard Hot 100 number one single December 9, 1989

    Preceded by:
    “Blame It on the Rain” by Milli Vanilli

    • Yeah, I had thought about that too. If I had a lot more free time on my hands, I’d be tempted to give it a shot myself. But I don’t even remember what free time looks like anymore.

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