Reconnecting and letting go

I went up to San Francisco last night to party with Corinne C and her gang. It has been far, far too long since I spent time with them. And, as usual, I ended up meeting quite a few amazing people. It really put into perspective how withdrawn my life has been lately, spending so much time at work and at home. I can't live like that. I crave social interaction. I need it. Without it, my mind grows stale and I lose some of my lust for life. I think it explains why I've been so stressed out for no apparent reason lately. This must not be allowed to continue.

It became clear to me that there are several areas of my Self that I have allowed to atrophy over the past year or so. I used to dance all the time. I used to look forward to that sense of euphoria that comes with well-earned physical exhaustion. This has not been the case as of late, and I am paying the price, physically. I need to start riding my bike more. I need to get back to yoga. I need to go dancing at least once a week. I need to get in touch with Monique and see if they're doing open cancan rehearsals again this year. It's too late for this year, but I really would love to be starting aerial classes by my birthday next year. One step at a time. (pun regretfully intended)

All in all, it was an excellent weekend. I met several people who I'm looking forward to seeing more of in the coming years. I got back in touch with a few people I don't see nearly enough of. I saw some positively beautiful scenery. And I had some very enlightening conversations with people I had never met before, and will likely never see again.

So of course the Fates had to even it out by inflicting the evils of San Francisco on me. When I got back to my car, the passenger side window was smashed in, and the contents of my glovebox were emptied on my seat. Minus my new iPod and my grizwald. So now I'm out $250 for a new window, $400 for the iPod, and $100 for the grizwald. At first, I was tempted to get seriously pissed off, and launch into a rant about how much I hate the city. Instead, I'm trying to shrug it off as a lesson about getting too attached to physical possessions. So instead of spending all that money replacing my geek toys, I've decided to spend a few hundred dollars on a Target gift card for the Katrina girl. What she lost is much more important than what I lost.

Of course, we'll see if I still feel that way in a few weeks, when the podcast withdrawal sets in...


    • I will definitely be at BayCon. And I’ve already warned the browncoat contingent that they will only be seeing me for a part of the time, since I have mind-blowingly sexy friends like you to hang out with that weekend. :)

      By the way, I went to a going away lunch near your campus the other day, and got to thinking it’s been too long since we’ve had lunch. If you have some free time later in the week, I’d love to stop by for Japanese or something.

  1. *hugs* It was really good to see you last night – I’m so happy you came out with us. But, boy do I have a hangover today!!

    Sorry – to hear about your car – that sucks. :(

    • Me too. Here I am all jazzed up to start making some serious changes in my life, and I don’t even have the energy to fold my laundry. I gave up, put on B5 reruns and made tea. I’ll be productive tomorrow, when my head doesn’t hurt. Vodka and red bull is an evil, evil thing. Even if it is tasty.

  2. For whatever it’s worth….

    … I can *totally* relate to your self-realization. I went through almost the exact same thing in Phoenix last month, and I have been trying to reclaim my life ever since. Easier said than done, when you’re married, but I’m doing what I can. *HUGS* to you for not being part of the overwhelming population of People That Suck.

  3. It can’t rain all the time

    “used to dance all the time”
    and I used to see Ray all the time because of it. Come back into the fold, my son.

    Can-can – fuckr. I’d be trying out this year too, but I’m moving to LA at the end of summer, and the commute for rehearsals is a bitch.

    Aerial classes – I know it’s not in your neighborhood, but you know that Ari and I take Aerials classes on Sunday nights in Berk right? They’re awesome, I highly suggest them.
    Until enrolling – pull-ups. Lots and lots of pull-ups.

    Sorry to hear about your break-in. I don’t think we have many friends who Haven’t had a car break-in while parked in SoMa.

    What’s a Grizwald?

    iPod – I feel your withdrawals. Mine broke over the weekend (HD failure. all is better now, but the wait at the Union Square Genius Bar is outrageous). 2.5 months old!! I refuse to believe it happened because of all the 3rd party software I installed (and soon have to re-install) on it.
    (oh, and Sharepod is awesome)
    Debating waiting for the (rumored) 6Gen Widescreen Video?

    • Re: It can’t rain all the time

      It can’t rain all the time
      Clearly. It is far too clever for that. Instead, it waits until the day after your car window has been smashed in, then rains on your newly-exposed leather upholstery all night. It’s much more insidious that way.

      “used to dance all the time” and I used to see Ray all the time because of it. Come back into the fold, my son.
      *twitch* You are now officially forbidden from ever calling me “my son.” You young whipper-snapper.

      Can-can – fuckr. I’d be trying out this year too, but I’m moving to LA at the end of summer, and the commute for rehearsals is a bitch.
      Why are you moving to LA? Why would anyone intentionally move to LA?

      Aerial classes – I know it’s not in your neighborhood, but you know that Ari and I take Aerials classes on Sunday nights in Berk right?
      I knew Ari was taking aerial classes, but I don’t think I knew you were. I’m very jealous. Next year…

      What’s a Grizwald?
      A grizwald is a small grenade that some people like to hide inside of apples (Firefly reference). It is also the nickname I gave my Seagate 5GB Pocket Hard Drive, since it reminds me of a tiny, futuristic grenade.

      iPod – I feel your withdrawals. … Debating waiting for the (rumored) 6Gen Widescreen Video?
      I’m actually considering going the other direction, and downgrading back to my old 4th gen iPod, once I get it back from Jewel. I never watch video on the iPod anyway, and 40GB is plenty for me. Plus, it means I could still use the voice recorder attachment that the 5th gen doesn’t support. Which will be very useful for taking notes, once I return to school.

      • Re: It can’t rain all the time

        Rain – amazing weather differences we have here in the bay.
        I left my house in Oakland today without a coat or umbrella – it was warm, without clouds and hadn’t rained for 3 days.
        30 min later I’m in SF running to work because I’m being rained on.

        whipper snapper – I think through life I haven’t managed to do one thing that Ray hasn’t already done. Grrr.

        LA – just like the last time I moved to LA – for a girl. This one is hotter (Whitton) and Not Crazy (crazy=Alicia). W is graduating from CMU this spring in acting, and fancy that, it’s what she wants to do for a living. Much easier in LA than here. I had a good time in LA last time I lived there (except for the crazyness and lack of dance), so I’m not worried. Besides, plane tickets are cheap.

        Grizwald – cute.

  4. Come by to the Plough, It’s still going. Or go to FNW, and Peers (though that’s only once a month so not that regular enough for exercise.)
    Or maybe restart weekly TV night, it’s not exercise but it’s social

    • Plough is just too far of a drive on a week night. By the time I get off work, I’d never have time to make it for lessons. I am planning on making it out to the south bat FNW more often, though.

      Peers I really can’t get excited about, because half the time they’re just doing masturbatory theatre instead of dancing, and it bores me to tears. Especially since several of the people I would want to be socializing with are part of that, and therefore can’t be socialized with.

      I really should start up TV night again. I’ll have to run the idea by my pseudo-roommate, whose bed is the couch that we would be hijacking.

    • The car was at 15th and Guererro, near the Castro. I seemed like a nice neighborhood. I think I left my iPod charger plugged in. And since they don’t sell them in black, it was the Apple patented “please steal me” white.

      I remember seeing your post about coming to SF. I wrote a big response, suggesting a lot of great places to eat and things to see. Then Firefox crashed and ate it. Sorry. You’ll have to plan another trip out at some point to experience the wonder and beauty that is Kennedy’s – it’s a combination Irish pub, Indian curry joint and pool hall – plus two air hockey tables. Pure brilliance.

      What did you end up doing/seeing while you were here?

      • Friday we went to Monterrery and Carmel, with the prerequisite stops at Pebble Beach. Sat we were all touristy at the Wharf, Buena Vista, Golden Gate bridge etc. Also – the exploratorium – which was excellent. Sun we cruised out to Angel Island, Tiberon and Sausalito, with a lot of time sitting on the boat getting sun (and also some good time in Sausalito watching basketball at the one dive bar there).

        All in all good deal. Will remember the Kennedy’s for the next tour :)

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