Apple has my number

My credit card number, that is. I finally signed up for an iTunes Music Store account and made my first purchase.

While I was in a meeting this morning, I got a voicemail from my Mac Pimp (you know who you are, you lovely, lovely person!) saying that the new iPods were back in stock. So I rushed over there as fast as I could and snagged one of the 60GB white ones and all the necessary accessories. It took about five minutes to plug in, and synced itself with my library while I was off at dinner. The hardest part was coming up with an appropriate name for it (Plavalaguna). Happy day!

Sure, the idea of it playing video is kinda cool. But I'm more excited about that being included in iTunes and playable through a TV than having it on the iPod itself. What I love about this thing is the screen. It stretches right out to the edges of the iPod and has *much* better resolution than the old black and white one, making it infinitely easier to read - not only in clarity, but in the amount of info that can appear on the screen without that odd scrolling text thing kicking in. And every time you turn the wheel or click a button, the backlight comes on automatically. So it's *always* clear and crisp. Brilliant! [Really, whomever came up with that idea deserves a big pat on the back. Nicely done!]

So what was included in my first purchase from the iTunes Music Store, that I'll be using to show off the new toy at work tomorrow? No, I mean besides what Doug already suggested?

  1. The first episode of Lost: Season 2 (now I just need to get the first season DVD for xmas so I can actually watch it).

  2. The Pixar short "Baby Luxo" (seemed appropriate).

  3. The music video of Michael Jackson's Thriller. I had forgotten how much campy fun that dumb thing was.

  4. The theme song to Wonderfalls, which I've actually been meaning to buy for ages but didn't have time to bother with setting up an account.

Now I just need to sell my old 40GB iPod. Which I can't do until Jewel uses it to do those voice recordings for the charity prizes. And she hasn't been able to do that yet because Canadian customs tried to tag an extra $70 to the package (which she rightfully refused, so it came back to me). All the more reason I need to go to Flanvention in December, I guess. Woe is me.


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