Sifting Spam with Gmail

I have several domain names that I'm not currently using. I previously had three of these domains pointing to the same email account. I hadn't checked it in a while, but when I went in last week it had managed to collect 60,000 emails. I found one that was sent there by mistake, and have since found out that two or three more might also have been sent there by mistake. But that's still a hell of a lot of spam!

As a test, I set up a secondary Gmail account and set my unused domains to redirect their mail to that account. That was Friday night. I just checked the Gmail account and there are 320 pieces of spam sitting in my inbox. Which sounded like a lot, until I looked in the "Spam" folder and found out that Google nabbed 4,390 more emails that it automatically recognized as spam.

Wow. Out of 4,710 pieces of spam, only 320 (~7%) slipped past Gmail's spam filter. Kick ass! And my guess is that if I begin marking the ones that got through as spam, it will help Google's algorithms recognize even more in the future. Groovy.


  1. And my guess is that if I begin marking the ones that got through as spam, it will help Google’s algorithms recognize even more in the future. Groovy.

    Precisely. I haven’t gotten any spam in my gmail account since the first week I used it.

    • Pretty much any new email address is going to have little or no spam. That doesn’t surprise me.

      What impresses me about this is that the domains I pointed at the Gmail account were already getting ~1000 pieces of spam per day. But Gmail managed to correctly identify the majority of them for what they were.

      Of course, this is balanced by the fact that there is no “Empty Spam Folder” option. So when my spam folder fills up the account (which should be every 4-5 months, at this rate) I’ll have to sit down and delete them one page at a time. With 100 messages per page, that’ll come out to about 200-250 pages worth. I’m really not looking forward to that task…

        • No, I know about that. The problem is that it only effects the messages you have selected, and you can only select the ones that are on the page at the time (max 100). So if you want to permanently delete 25,000 pieces of spam, you have to sit there for ages, selecting all and deleting over and over again. Instead of having one button to delete ALL of your spam at once.

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