Good Fire, Bad Fire

"Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you never can tell."
- Joan Crawford

This is how I feel right now. Although it is more about Life than Love.

The vast majority of negative energy in my life lately is rooted around that spontaneously combusting wall heater and the evil lawsuit that spawned from it. Thanks to that fire, my spirit is beaten and bloody, and I'm so emotionally raw that every other problem in my life seems ten times nastier as a result.

But the vast majority of my joy for the past few weeks has come from the fire of a hand made medieval kiln and the amazing group of people who built it. Thanks to them, I remember what it means to be alive, and I can muster the moxie to keep fighting the good fight.

No, you never can tell what role fire will play in your life. But the effect it has on you, overall, is much more predictable. When it burns down your house, the trauma is intense and painful in the short term, but fades over time into a buddhist-like lesson on the unimportance of physical and monetary goods. But when the fire warms your heart, that warmth is wholesome and vibrant and stays with you through the decades - an ever-present reminder of your connection to the world.

Maybe fire isn't so bad after all...


  1. Nice to know we helped a bit. Feel kind of useless with your lawsuit. Guess I should have gone for that law degree rather than MS in Archaeology. Ah the stupid choices we make . . .

    • No, no, no! Without your archeology degree I wouldn’t have had the excuse to get away from my stress-drenched life and decompress. If I had to face a day like today without having had that kind of release, I would have gone back in the version control system to find out who initially wrote this stupid code (and didn’t bother to comment any of it), hunted down their home address on Google, gone to their house, and done very nasty things to their car involving a crow bar and toothpaste.

      Trust me, you made exactly the right career choice! :)

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