Postcards from the Underworld: Volume 1

Despite my best efforts to correct the matter, I still have far more Gmail invitations than I have people to give them to. So a few weeks ago I got bored and started surfing to see if I could find any posts that were amusing enough to follow up on.

One that caught my eye was from an Australian girl who was getting ready to go on vacation to New Zealand and was offering a postcard from each city she visited, in exchange for the Gmail account. Being the huge Aussie-phile I am, I had to respond. Today I got my first installment, so I thought I'd share it with you all.

Postcard from Sydney


Here's the first postcard of the batch. As you see, this is my hometown, Sydney. The bridge in the first panel is a footbridge that I walk across every day to get to work! I only noticed that after I bought the card, though.

Next stop is Hobart, Tasmania. I've never been there before but I hear it's very picturesque. And the main attractions are a chocolate factory and a beer factory! haha

Best wishes, Aletha

There will be several more postcards coming over the next month or two. There's also a guy in Boston who's planting an apple tree in my name, which he will be sending me pictures of. And I'm currently in touch with a guy who's offered to prove to me that Verbal Kint was not Keyser Soze, in exchange for a Gmail account.

GmailSwap amuses me.


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