It’s true. I can sleep through anything.

Thanks to growing up in a loud, obnoxious Italian family, I can pretty much sleep through anything. Talking, arguments, construction, alarm clocks, earthquakes... and even attacks by the Brides of Dracula.

Fennec and Rachel left this charming little snapshot for me on my own camera, as a gift. Ain't that sweet? hehehe

Ack. I had a great weekend, and am looking forward to repeating most of it next weekend. But my arms are starting to get sunburn-itchy, I'm desperately craving a shower to get the remnants of clay mud off of me, I've had The Hero of Canton running through my head all day (and no one else there had seen Firefly yet - this must be remedied!), and I'm far too tired to get anything done.

I had planned to get home relatively early this evening and catch up on emails and such. I'm up to two months behind on responding to some emails, and others are much more recent but also much more compelling of a prompt response. But any attempt to make a coherent thought tonight will be pointless. I just need to shower, apply lotion to my scratchy sunburnt skin, and give in to the Sandman.


    • The sunburn wasn’t attained until after this photo was taken. My hair is just that faded by now.

      Amusing story, though. Friday night I was going to bribe Ariyana into re-dying my hair. But while I was out at lunch with some coworkers, some random girls walks up to me, hands me her card, and says “I want to do your hair.” Her studio is right near work, so that’s perfect. As soon as I can figure out what I did with the stupid card, I’ll be giving her a call and reclaiming my vivid blue. Woohoo!

        • Re: What I want to know is…

          I wondered that myself. But the cafe she was hanging out at is where my soon-to-be-ex roommate works. She knows the girl and knows she has a boyfriend. So my guess is no.

          You do, however, get points for using the term “pregnant pause” in normal conversation. What a wacky phrase.

          And we’ll see you out there next weekend, right? [This is a statement, not a question, despite the misleading question mark.]

          • Re: What I want to know is…

            Yes! Not sure which day though. (Or both, depending on how drunk you guys get me.) I’m aching that I didn’t head out there this last weekend; sounds like I missed a fabulous time.

            • Re: What I want to know is…

              Yeah. You missed me getting a crush on another unavailable girl. It’s a fairly common occurrence, though. I’m sure you’ll see it again.

                • Re: What I want to know is…

                  For getting a crush on someone who’s not available? You, my friend, have a seriously twisted concept of heroism.

                  Personally, I think it’s a hell of a lot more heroic to miss a fun party so you can spend time with your kidlings. Unlike me, you’re making a difference in the world…

    • Ahh. That sounds like so much fun! But I’m no where near sane enough to plan that far ahead yet. Ask me again after this stupid lawsuit is over (and I know whether or not I can afford to have a costume commissioned)…

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