Cutting into the heart of a cutaway illustration

Tonight, I was hoping to finish this stupid treatise on all of my pe-employment opinions on eBay's business model. And after working on it for the past three hours, I'm almost done. Just two or three more paragraphs and a bunch of proofing and it'll be ready for prime time. But I seriously need to get to sleep, so I'll have to finish it later.

In the meantime, here's something incredibly cool that I happened to run across. Maybe it's just the former aspiring architect in me, but I've always been fascinated with cutaway illustrations. Not only because they look cool, but because I marvel at how they can get that much detail assembled in scale and presented in a manner that makes sense to the non-technical viewer.

So you can imagine how cool I think this Demonstration For Cutaway Technical Illustrations is. Between the detailed info on the process that goes into building one of these illustrations and the super-detailed-zoom, this stupid site had me grinning from ear to ear. Can someone remind me again why I abandoned architecture as a career goal? Oh, right. I had yet to get my hands on AutoCAD and I sat right next to the ammonia machine for three years straight. That's enough to turn someone off of a really cool career track pretty quickly...


  1. former future architects club

    Dude – that’s awesome! I wonder how many of us seriously considered becoming architects, and sometimes still do. My mom always wanted to be an architect – and recently got as far as being a drafter. I’ve always wanted to – I have scores of floor plans I’ve drawn to prove it. Sherman is torn between architect and lawyer. My daughter Elizabeth is considering coming out here to Arizona, where ASU has just about the least expensive Architecture program around, once you’re a resident. Who else has seriously thought about architecture as a career?

    • Re: former future architects club

      If Sherman is teetering between law and architecture, he should drop by a local architect’s office and find out what branch of law they deal with the most. Having a lawyer who understands the architecture might be incredibly valuable. Just like having a lawyer who understands technology is very useful for tech companies.

      And what do you mean your daughter is considering moving out there? Didn’t they move out there with you?

      • Re: former future architects club

        And let’s not forget how useful it is to have an architect who understands technology, particularly someplace like Autodesk. I have encouraged Sherman toward property law, since it’s weird and messy and full of odd challenges, and vaguely architecture related.

        And, no, my daughters did not come out here with me. They’re still living with their father in less than desirable circumstances… but lets not get me started. I could go off for hours on this topic.

  2. Cool!

    Sign me up for the colorization half of the project (or one like this). That is right up my alley. Like building miniatures, only in the computer. So much fun.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Virtual Legos

    Here’s another former would-be architect…Unfortunately the UCB program at the time tended heavily toward Mies van der Rohe when I was (and am) a William Morris fan, so I went over to Latin where at least the paradigms were familiar! Your cutaway cruise ship is pretty cool, but it left out the pirates in Room 204 and the guy with an auger belowdecks…
    I like your interdisciplinary approach to someone’s post about the law — the same situation obtains in the music world; expert knowledge is always helpful.
    Best wishes for getting any sleep now that you’re hooked on this stuff–! :)

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