Puppet Voting

My ex-roommate Andy just sent me a New York Times article called Gambling on Voting, which examines how the software that runs slot machines is scrutinized and regulated in comparison to the software that is used for electronic voting (not to mention the inherent conflicts of interest among the key players, and how those are handled).

This also reminded me of a Wired article I read last year called Aussies Do It Right: E-Voting, which examines the Australian decision to base their electronic voting software on open source code, to insure maximum security and accountability.

Considering that electronic voting will soon be the primary method for deciding who takes the reins of the country, the fact that our current system is as flawed as it is, and the the war monger who's currently in power already bought one election, this all makes me very, very frustrated. It seems that the Powers That Be in this country are intentionally setting our system up so that it can be influenced from behind the scenes. Thus negating the legitimacy of the entire bloody republic (for which we used to stand).

This does not make me happy.


  1. Since it truly does not matter who is elected any way, THEY will just put whomever they wish in office, I look forward to E-Voting. Of course there will be endless issues, problems and scams but…we currently have those problems now. I’ll be more likely to vote if I can do it from my computer, especially since I have not been able to vote for over a year now since my registration area keeps changing, because I keep moving, and because they won’t let me. *pout*

    • You can always fill out a provisonal ballot, or an absentee ballot from your last place of registration. Lots of people move and there are systems set up to deal with that.
      Don’t just pout, vote !

  2. Re: Enough info on e-voting to make you want to jump off a cliff


    Bev Harris has written the definitive book to date on just what they are trying to get away with here. There’s a free .pdf version on the site, plus current news and discussion. Don’t read it right before bedtime, you’ll have nightmares.

  3. And another thing…

    To chime in here this months Mother Jones magazine “Who’s Better Off: A special report on the state of the union” reminds me how the above is so very important. I made the mistake of reading that one before bedtime.

    As a software QA professional (ie. one who actually likes doing it) what I’ve seen of the quality control of e-voting software is astoundingly scary. I wouldn’t trust them to ship a virtual abacus without dragging out my real one to double check their figures. Just sayin’.

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